34. Beogradski jazz festival

34. Beogradski jazz festival

34. Beogradski jazz festival

34. Beogradski jazz festival | 25.-29.10. 2018.

Mário Laginha: “Limits cannot exist in music”

LAN Trio brings together three experienced European jazz scene personas. Mário Laginha(piano, Portugal) is best known for his long-time partnership with Maria João, Julian Argüelles(saxophones, Great Britain) has been a member of the legendary Loose Tubes orchestra, while Helge Andreas Norbakken (percussion, Norway) collaborated with Mari Boine, Jon Balke, Kari Bremnes and Jon Hassell, among others. This collective joins their different emotions – the warmth of Laginha’s pianism (who is the main composer), the energy of Norbakken, as well as the lyricism and English romanticism of Argüelles.

LAN Trio will play within 34th Belgrade Jazz Festival on October 25th at Dom omladine Beograda, Americana Hall. Concert is supported by Embassy of Portugal in Belgrade and Instituto Camões. Tickets available via EVENTIM ticket service.

LAN trio is a project formed from three well-experienced musicians. Other than yourself, there are saxophonist Julian Argüelles and drummer Helge Andreas Norbakken. How did this project come to life?

Mário Laginha: I’ve been playing with Julian Argüelles for a long time. He played in several records of mine and I played in two of his, so we feel a huge complicity in the music we both do. With Helge Norbakken I started playing almost 20 years ago, together with Maria João. Since then, he played at least in 6 of our (me and Maria) records, and we probably did more than a hundred concerts together. They are both incredible, creative and unique musicians!

What is the main idea behind LAN trio project?

Mário Laginha: The main idea is to play our music, combining freedom and structure, lyricism and power… Actually this is the most difficult task ever, to describe music in words.

You are one of the most popular jazz musician in Portugal. How difficult is to maintain the freshness and innovation in today’s jazz?

Mário Laginha:  It is difficult indeed, but I think it comes with keeping the curiosity about the world around you. Then you must be authentic with what you do, just after that, the result can be (or not) fresh and real.

How do you comment on contemporary jazz scene in Europe?

Mário Laginha: Actually, I’m one of many (I hope) that thinks jazz became really universal. You can find incredible and innovative musicians all over the world. That’s a very good sign.

This is not your first time in Belgrade but it is the first time at the Belgrade Jazz Festival. What are you expectations from LAN trio performance?

Mário Laginha: The music LAN trio does has a kind of energy, strong rhythm and melodic identity that people easily embrace. I would love this could happen at Belgrade Jazz Festival!

This year’s slogan of Belgrade Jazz Festival is No limits. How do you feel about limits in contemporary jazz music?

Mário Laginha:  I totally agree. Limits cannot exist in music, but at the same time, the freedom to choose whatever each person likes or not.

Belgrade Youth Center presents, from 22nd to 27th October 2019, 35th Belgrade Jazz Festival with the slogan JAZZ CELEBRATION!

The anniversary, 35th edition of the Belgrade Jazz Festival brings plenty of reasons for a great celebration! The mere fact that an international music event has survived in the public eye for almost five decades, successfully finding a new identity in the 21st century, presents the reason for the joy of the entire cultural community in Serbia, of all music lovers, and especially jazz musicians!

If we add the international reputation for years built through carefully selected program, as well as the constant support of the Belgrade Jazz Festival to the affirmation of domestic artists – it is clear that this is the year when we celebrate not only the jubilee of the festival but also the jazz itself in this part of the world.

That is why the Belgrade Jazz Festival will offer this year more than usual to its audience: instead of 5, it will last 6 days, with almost 30 concerts and a string of side programs, as well as a multitude of jazz events planned before the October Jazz festivity. Besides the Festival main venue, the Belgrade Youth Center, we will be again in the Kombank Hall, the place that hosted numerous memorable concerts during the long history of the BJF.

In the program, we will have giants of jazz and young guns of the scene, artists who laid tracks of this type of music, the ones who explore new paths of the genre, performers very well known to our audiences, but the ones that are yet to be discovered, both local and international. The Festival concept remains dynamic and open, appealing to younger and older jazz enthusiasts, but also to music lovers in general – our mission is to present during the Festival contemporary jazz trends to the audience segment that occasionally follows this type of music, thus making top artistic music open for everyone.

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